The Facility

The Atlanta Research Center, LLC is located in approximately 2,000 sq ft commercial office space. The entire facility was purpose built as a medical and research facility in a newly constructed building in 2009. In 2017, the office was renovated. It has a traditional patient reception area, a conference room/staff kitchen, 5 exam rooms, 1 imaging room for DXA and ultrasound, a laboratory, restroom facility, physician’s consult office and a large working storage area.

The office is decorated professionally in an appealing modest style and the HVAC unit keeps it cozy year round. It is a comfortable space for patients, subjects, and staff. Subjects making prolonged visits when participating in pK sub-studies for instance will find our office an accommodating place to wait. If permitted by the protocol, they can safely walk around the complex where there are a number of interesting shops to visit and even several restaurants they could grab a bite on the first floor of the building.

Our Equipment

Bone densitometry Hologic Discovery 4500A DXA

  • Software packages
    • Densitometry hip and spine
    • Densitometry forearm
    • Densitometry lateral spine
    • Body composition analysis
    • Vertebral fracture assessment
  • Routine Quality assurance practices
    • Daily spine and hip phantom measurements logged per SOP
    • QA protocols as required by various coordinating centers on a regular basis for the ongoing clinical trials we participate in
    • Manufacture QA when service technician makes routine QA visit or service call.
  • Toshiba Ultrasound
  • Probes
  • Procedures
    • Abdominal ultrasound and all single abdominal organs
    • Transvaginal ultrasound
    • Saline infusion hysteroscopy
    • Prostate
    • Knee joint

Carotid Intima medial thickness measurement



Wall mounted stadiometry in all exam rooms*

Digital weight scales in all exam rooms*

Wall mounted mercury manometers in 3 exam rooms*

Welch Allen Macro View otoscopes and Pan ophthalmoscopes in all exam rooms

Dedicated research refrigerator for biological study article with temperature max/min monitored and logged per SOP

Shared research/clinical specimen –20oC storage freezer temperature max/min monitored and logged per SOP

Locked cabinet bolted to the wall secured behind two sturdy locked doors for US FDA compliant storage of controlled study articles

Centrifuge onsite (not refrigerated)

Onsite urinalysis

Onsite phlebotomy

IATA certified CRC staff and compliant laboratory specimen preparation and shipping procedures

Current CLIA Waver certificate

Dry heat

Pharmacy scales accurate to 10 mg

Pipette device accurate to 0.1cc

Accurate electronic pH measuring device

Continuous Magnetic Stirrer with Thermometer Controlled Hotplate

Emergency crash cart with updated medications and oxygen service

*Devices calibrated by Medical Management on a regular basis for accuracy