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Atlanta Research Center
1418 Dresden Drive
Suite 225
Atlanta, GA 30319




ARC Specialty: Osteoporosis

The Atlanta Research Center’s specialty is in the development of investigational drug therapies for osteoporosis, specifically in postmenopausal women.  All our studies are funded by research grants from pharmaceutical company sponsors.   Since we are beginning new studies on a regular basis, we have a constant need for new research volunteers.

Research Nuts and Bolts

The purpose of medical research is to determine if a new medication is safe and effective for the treatment or prevention of a specific medical disorder.  Every single new drug must pass tough tests before the US FDA gives approval for the drug to be used.  All drugs go through three phases of clinical testing.

In phase 1, drugs are tested in a small number of healthy volunteers to determine their safety.  In phase 2, they are given to a small number of human volunteers to determine what dose is best.  And finally, in phase 3 the drug is tested in a large number of patients to determine if it is effective.  At the Atlanta Research Center, we specialize in phase 3 studies.  In phase 3 studies, the volunteers are divided at random into two or more groups.

In some studies patients receive the experimental drug and others are given a placebo or “sugar pill”.  In other studies everyone gets some type of active therapy.  Regardless of the study design, neither the patient nor the doctor knows who gets what until the end of the study. This study design is called a Randomized Controlled Trial. Scientific experts and the US FDA agree that this study design is necessary to determine if a drug really works or not.  The US Food and Drug Administration strictly regulates our studies.



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