The Atlanta Research Center, LLC is an independent research site specializing is phase II, III and IV randomized clinical trials for the pharmaceutical industry. Our medical director, Grattan Woodson, M.D., serves as PI for all studies conducted here (see Dr. Woodson’s CV here) He has a long and successful track record with industry and all the major CROs in the areas of osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, back pain, and Women’s Health. The ARC has extensive experience in trials of biologicals and has invested in equipment and technology to ensure and uninterrupted power supply to our refrigerators for > 2 x the longest future projected power failure for the Atlanta area.

The ARC is equipped with the top of the line research Hologic Discovery DXA 4500A bone densitometer with the latest software upgrade and all the clinically useful applications including body composition analysis, PA and Lateral vertebral fracture assessment, and FRAX. Our DXA technologist has been with the ARC since 1999, is certified through ISCD, and has conducted >12,000 clinical DXAs including hundreds of study related DXAs. We have had the pleasure of working with all the major imaging coordinating centers worldwide including Bioclinica and Nordic Bioscience.

Our PI is involved in every aspect of every study conducted here. He takes his 1572 responsibilities seriously. Dr. Woodson has trained dozens of CRCs during his career and many have sat successfully for the ACRP’s CCRC designation. Some have gone on to positions of management responsibility with well-respected CROs and within industry. Dr. Woodson is a member of the ACRP and encourages his eligible staff to join ACRP and train for the CCRC designation. He provides them with educational support grants for online ACRP courses and other educational activities. At the ARC every member of the team dedicates her or himself to practicing impeccable GCP in all aspects of clinical research.

Our SOP for 25 years has been to collect a comprehensive medical database on each patient seen in Dr. Woodson’s clinical practice and on each patient having an osteoporosis evaluation. There were slightly more that 20,000 people in the osteoporosis database as of January 2017 with 94% being white women. The questionnaire used has 500+ questions and is a comprehensive internal medicine review of systems that inquires about all the patient’s medical and surgical history. This medical data has been merged with the patient’s DXA data in a single database. We use a proprietary software program to query any combination of a subject’s medical history and DXA fields. This tool has proven itself to be helpful for identifying potential study subjects.

A complete list of our facility resources, technical and clinical skills, and Dr. Woodson’s areas of research expertise are found on this website. We only participate in studies where Dr. Woodson has clinical competency and where we have access to subjects with the condition of research interest. A summary of some of our SOPs are reproduced on the website to give sponsors and CROs new to our site an idea of how we operate. For instance, we keep all our equipment professionally calibrated, even our centrifuges.

We consider ourselves a streamlined site. We always use a central IRB. Dr. Woodson, our medical director is responsible for contracting and has the full authority to approve an agreement without any third party input. We are known for our ability to get our regulatory documents filed promptly. We meet or slightly exceed our enrollment goals. We can do all this and quickly because we are small, everything is at our fingertips, we know what we are doing, and we don’t need to go through a local IRB, a legal bureaucracy, or contracting authority. All we need to act is the approval of Dr. Woodson. One decision maker and one decision what could be more quick and easy. In a word, you will discover that it is a pleasure and a rewarding hassle free experience working with the ARC. Give us a call. You will discover the difference from your first contact with us.